High temperature packaging bag

High temperature packaging bag

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1. Made of DuPont high-strength Tyvek® and high-strength composite film, fully comply with the relevant standards of ISO11607 / EN868, YY/T 0698.5-2009; Tyvek with excellent physical properties and excellent microbial barrier properties Medical devices provide a safe sterile barrier system.

2, suitable for low temperature sterilization of ethylene oxide, plasma, etc., printed with ethylene oxide and plasma sterilization indicator. Uniform and good ventilation, as well as the moisture resistance of the material, are ideal for ethylene oxide and plasma sterilization.

3, V-shaped mouth and thumb cutting design to facilitate the aseptic opening of the bag, unique manufacturing process provides high-strength sealing performance and even and clean peeling effect.

Product form: various pre-formed heat-sealed bags, ziplock bags and tube bags.

Typical use: sterilization of hospital, laboratory and dental clinic equipment

Validity period: 180 days post-sterilization protection period

Product model: economical sterilization bag / roll Standard sterilization bag / roll High-end sterilization bag / roll


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