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Biohazard Bag
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Biohazard Bag
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Biohazard Bag
Filtering facepiece respirator is used to protect against particles.
Three-dimensional folding software mask series,to eliminating the risk of infection caused by airborne bacterial viruses.
The medical isolation is made of non-woven cloth, PE film and other advanced materials, which is used to cut off the transmission path, protect the susceptible personnel and reduce the risk of infection.
It is used for cleaning and decontamination of medical devices to remove all biological pollutants on medical devices, including blood, protein, fat and pathogens.
Packaging materials are closed or sealed to form a sterile barrier system.
Monitoring techniques that monitoring and challenging of the sterilization process by living microorganisms (spores)  are the most important means of monitoring.
Color or shape changes of certain chemicals are used to indicate whether the bactericidal factors meet the requirements of sterilization treatment.
Plastic products used to prevent biological transmission and to protect medical personnel or the environment from hazards.
It is used to kill pathogenic microorganisms on the vector, cut off the transmission route of infectious diseases, and achieve the purpose of controlling infectious diseases.
Bedding with anti-virus, antibacterial, antibacterial or antibacterial properties